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Зарезервировал и перевел депозит по 25 евро с человека. Если будет непогода — деньги сгорят. Как ваши, так и мои))

For the nights of 12, 13, 14 and 15 July we only have dormitory beds available.
Here are our rates for the 2016 summer season:
-Shared dorms with 6 beds without bed linen
Half board 50 euros
Only accomodation 22 euros
All rates are per person per day.
With a current alpine/mountain clubs membership: a 10 euro discount applies.
Half board includes dinner, without drinks, accomodation and breakfast.
We do not have any rooms with en-suite. Shared toilets and showers are outside the rooms and showers work with coins. Showers cost 5 euros.
In the 6-bedded-dorms you must have a cotton liner or a sleeping bag, or you could buy a disposable one at the reception.

If you would like to make a reservation, please send me an e-mail with name and surname, full contact details, and whether you would like to book HB or only accomodation (without breakfast).
To confirm the booking we will request a deposit of 25 euros per person.

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